How Social Media has Changed and Shaped Our World Today

If you were to ask a teenager to give up their smart phone for a week and replace it with a simple cellular phone that could just make calls and texts, they would probably think they were being punished. How could they check Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as frequently as they are used to.  In today’s world, people feel the need to constantly be connected to everyone and everything ALL THE TIME.  Is social media really being connected with people? Are you really friends with all 562 people on Facebook? Do you know anything more about them than their name, birthday, and the few pictures that are known to Facebook? Social media distorts our view of life.

In the video called Look Up, Gary Turk, an englishman, creates an inspiring and life-changing view of social media.  Although, it is cool for friends far away or from past years to connect, it causes strains on the relationships in our present.  When you are at a party and are scrolling through Twitter feed while “talking” to your friends, you are in no way giving them your full attention because you feel that is more interesting to see what Kim Kardashian has to say in her latest Tweet.  This is not strengthening relationships with people.  We feel that we are closer to people by liking their pictures and commenting on their posts.  How about we all try talking to the people right in front of us? How about we go outside and enjoy the world we live in? How about we make more to our lives that pictures on Instagram and retweets on Twitter.   “The problem I have sits in the spaces between, looking into their eyes or at name on a screen.  I took a step back and opened by eyes, I looked around and realized that this media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers, and it’s our doors we shut.”  Our eyes should be open to the people who actually mean something to us, not those who try to see right through us.  Although social media seems pretty cool, we should focus on our lives and what it means to really live them. (I highly recommend watching this video. It is very impactful.)

On a very different note, social media has and is drastically reshaping the world of advertising.  People rarely trust what brands have to say anymore and look for customer reviews.  People feel they can trust what other customers of the products have to say more than what the brand says.  In the video called The Naked Brand, it greatly explains how advertising has shifted to reviews.  Brands must now be completely transparent for their customers because their reviews certainly will be. Transparency is something that cannot be avoided today; if companies disclose the information it makes them seem more reliable and builds a sense of trust for consumers.  Social media will still play a large part in advertising; companies will still try to advertise on social media, but consumers will still look for reviews before making purchases. (This video is a bit longer, but again is definitely worth the watch.)

Although I feel social media is cool in certain ways, I think our lives are meant for living and not staring at screens.  This class has taught me so much valuable information about social media that I honestly never knew.  My eyes have been opened to the many dimensions presented across a lot of different social platforms.  I will use the knowledge I acquired in this class to proactively use social media in my future.  I will use it to inspire and attract people to my company through positive ways for my business.  I want people to be engaged on a personal level without allowing their lives to become slave to social media.   I will still myself have an account on a few social platforms, but I want my live to be actually lived not just portrayed as living through the way it is shaped on social media.

This class has been great and taught me a lot.  I would like to leave you with this:

“Don’t give into a life where you follow the hype; give people your love, don’t give them your like.”