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One of my favorite things that I follow on social media is Christian groups.  One in particular is Pastor Greg Laurie.  I am a Christian and have a great relationship with God and Jesus.  I feel that it is very helpful and nice to be constantly reminded of my faith while scrolling through my Facebook or Instagram or Twitter feed.  Greg Laurie uses different forms of social media to get more notice for what he is doing.  For instance, he posts pictures on Instagram and Facebook when he will be preaching a new topic.  Usually these kinds of pictures include the title of the message and when and where it will be taking place.  One post he recently uploaded said “The Power of Your Story, Sunday at Harvest.”  If you are a follower of Greg Laurie, not only on social media but of his talks, events, and books, you know that Harvest stand for Harvest America.  Harvest America is his initiative to spread the word of God.  On the website,, it says “Proclaiming the Gospel live across the nation.”  Sometimes I share statuses that Greg posts on Facebook so that my friends can see the wonderful things he has to say so they can begin a relationship with God.  This public communication on social media, as I stated before, is a nice reminder throughout the day of God.  I really enjoy scrolling through pictures on Instagram and seeing a picture of a cute dog, and delicious food, and then a wonderful picture of either a new talk that Greg will be giving soon or a picture with a nice quote about Jesus.  This is different from other forms of media because I am not constantly checking news channels, newspapers, magazines, etc. throughout the day. Because we live in such a social world, I am however frequently checking Instagram, Facebook, and sometimes Twitter.  I follow other Christian groups that also provide wonderful reminders of God that seriously make me happier throughout the day.  Greg Laurie is in his sixties and still avidly uses social media.  I believe that he does this because it is a way to connect with other believers on a day to day basis with little tid-bits of information or inspirational quotes.  Through social media, he is able to reach and attract younger audiences on different platforms; myself being an example. I happen to just tune in to Greg Laurie’s radio station this week and guess what the topic was…Social Media! Greg was speaking with the radio host and his son about how to use social media platforms to reach more people with the glory of God.  “Instead of being afraid of this technology, I say we use it.  It’s a way to communicate with a lot of people quickly. ” Greg said this when explaining about why he uses social media.  The main purpose of him speaking about social media at that specific time on the radio was to get his radio listeners interested in other platforms to follow Greg Laurie by.  Greg’s son explained the different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  They created a hashtag that they want their users to use when positing on Twitter: #askgreglaurie.  Greg told his followers to ask a question on Twitter and use the hashtag so that he will see it and respond that way, instead of the usual way he communicates with his radio listeners through the phone.  They explain how the purpose of a hashtag is to be linked in with other people who are interested in the same topic; in this case, it will be all the people asking questions to Greg Laurie.  Greg further explains how when a hashtag is greatly used it begins trending.  “When you trend on Twitter it means that other people pay attention.  It brings them into the loop. We want to bring them into the loop to talk about the Lord.  And so this is just taking this platform of social media and using it for God’s glory.”  That right there perfectly explains why Greg Laurie uses social media.  He wants more and more people to now about and connect over the glory of God, and what better way to reach many people quickly than through social media.  “Young kids are using it like crazy, and older folks are adopting it more and more.” Greg explains how many people can hear what he has to say through social media young or old.  It is a great way to spread the word of God to many people quickly.  Honestly, there is nothing about these Christian posts on social media that I do not like.  As mentioned before, I really enjoy seeing them throughout the day and I enjoy frequently being reminded of God’s love for us.

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