Social Media and Relationships

Social media is increasing in popularity all the time. This is changing and reshaping the way in which people interact with each other. How does social media affect relationships is a very interesting question that does not have a simple answer. Is it good or bad for relationships? Again no simple answer to that question either. The answers to these questions are mainly opinion based. Because this is my blog, I will be obviously giving the depths of my own opinion on this topic. I believe that social media affects different relationships in different ways. For long distance friendships social media can be a great way to keep people connected and in no way interacting in each other’s lives. For instance, my best friend Sara and I attend different universities and through Facebook we like each other’s pictures, write wall posts back and forth, and goes beyond the “one-dimensional” communication of texting. I say one-dimensional because texting is more of just writing back and forth to each other. Social media, Facebook in this case, allows people to view your public pictures, not just the certain ones you choose to send to friends through text. Because of the option of wall posts, I am able to take a YouTube video and send it to Sara and tag others in it as well so they can all view the video. Another example of the benefits of social media on friendships is my mother and her high school classmate. They have remained friends over the years rough Facebook even though her friend now lives in Hawaii. They can view each other’s pictures and statuses too see what is going on within each other’s lives. In the two scenarios mentioned above, my mother and I stay up-to-date with our actual friends through social media.  Social media, however, changes the way in which we use the word “friend.” I have about 600 “friends” on Facebook.  Would I consider myself actually friends with about 90% of those people, no.  Surely if I saw them in public I would say hello, but I do not engage with most of those people outside of social media.  This can be understood more through this article: Moving on to romantic relationships, I believe social media creates a great deal of strain on romantic relationships. Although people can stay socially connected to their significant others, it may create problems if people are tagged in pictures with other people or if a boyfriend likes a picture of a girl on Instagram. This may upset his girlfriend even though he is just friends with the girl in the picture. Furthermore, two people with existing romantic relationships who make their friendship with each other known through social media may cause disruptions within their romantic relationships. Therefore, I believe social media strengths friendships and strains romantic relationships. Given that relationships may be strained through what occurs between users, people should monitor what they do on social media. Maybe liking a picture of a friend of the opposite sex could cause a problem for a relationship and therefore, should be thought of before doing. One should think of the scenario from their partner’s point of view and think if it would make themselves unhappy or not. If the answer is that they would be unhappy if it happened to them, then most likely they should not do it to their partner. I feel that this is highly based on opinion, however I also believe that many people would agree with my position. As a society, we should filter hat wears hare on social media and with whom we share with. On topics dealing with employment, many employers and/or colleges look up potential candidates on social media to see the “real them.” However, it is interesting to think that people are not necessarily 100% them real selves based on what they share throughout social media. As stated in a previous blog, people can shape what they want to share to make their lives appear the way they want them to.  Also, social media is said to be increasing our interactions with others, but not through face-to-face interactions, but those based on the Internet.  This is an interesting change within out society that greatly makes sense because of social media:




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